Am i Fearful or Focused

Debbie Renshaw, Global Partner Client for FrankilnCovey, world leader performance improvement company, discusses one of the main struggles for musicians and creatives: fear of the unknown.


Often, as creative individuals, musicians tend to feel lost in the attempt of following the natural instinct of “becoming an idea fountain”, trying to give a voice to all the thoughts that populate the artistic brain. This, with Debbie’s words- “will crush you”. We are, in fact, naturally wired for distraction, and this distraction makes us lose the focus of our work.


Have you ever felt like you have accomplished nothing after a week of hard work? Well, that feeling is exactly what Debbie is talking about.


In order to battle distraction, Renshaw suggests to transform FEAR into FOCUS. To actually select measurable objectives to accomplish in a specific timeframe, and become accountable for them or rely on an accountability partner.


Creating a commitment to ourselves and prioritizing what will MAKE THE DIFFERENCE in our working  timeline, will lead to what Debbie calls “a private victory”. A less chaotic work life is awaiting, if we are willing to start setting the right goals and priorities.

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