Use Your Music Education To Succeed in Today's Business World

The 2t Academy is born with the mission of coaching Musicians in Business Skills. We aim to transform your career and lead YOU to success as well as promoting a healthier work-life balance.


As a musician, you naturally possess soft skills such as creativity and adaptability. We coach you in how to transform them in business skills. In fact, you bring your area of expertise and we will provide the strategies you need to bring your career to NEW heights. 

“I am in love with the variety of information.


Certainly, Christopher brings us one of the wonders of the world of music and makes it available to everyone online.

For this reason, I  believe you will become as excited as I am”

The 2t Academy is born with the mission of coaching Musicians in Business Skills

“Christopher helps us understand how to reach financial stability while accelerating our creative aspirations.


This is what makes 2t Academy an incredible online learning experience”.

OUR Promise TO YOU

The 2t Academy makes a unique contribution to the world of music education.

  Firstly, we will change your career by coaching musicians in business skills
Secondly, our courses encourage a longer term career.
Thirdly, and most importantly, we set up musicians for success by allowing them to find their voice and discover their unique identity.  
In conclusion,  we foster self-reliance, work life-balance and accountability.

“I had no idea how valuable my creativity was. Also, I didn’t know that it could apply to so many different industries! However, I realized that the job opportunities are endless thanks to this course. It is transformational.”

Mahfrin Santoke



The importance of personal identity in today’s music education cannot be overlooked.  That is why we developed IDENTITY.


In particular, this course helps you discover your unique identity by using three practical techniques. 


IDENTITY will shape your personal brand as well as discover your unique value and strength. Ultimately, it will increase ACCOUNTABILITY



Get ready to jumpstart your career!




If you are looking into learning how to pivot your creative skills into the world of industry… Octiv8 is what YOU need!


DEVELOP, diversify and apply your creative core skills into the world of industry.


SECURE your financial stability.

ACCELERATE your creative aspiration.

ACHIEVE all of this in far less time and for a significantly smaller cost than a college degree. 

Learn whenever and..wherever!

You will LEARN!


Our WEB TV series features some of the greatest flutists in the world. Here, they narrate their life stories and share the success tips that helped them become who they are today!


What Members can look forward to for $27 per month!

Courses -

15-30 minutes business training lessons.

web tv -

access to documentary interview featuring the most famous flutists in the world. Hear all about their journeys and their success choices!

member calls -

30-minute one-to-one zoom calls.  Our panel of experts answer questions on business traininglife balanceaccountability and more.

2t Success tips -

success tip from some of the most famous flutists in the world!

community forum -

2t Academy Facebook ZOOM calls.  Special flute guest artists and CEOs sharing ideas and success tips.

downloads -

2 hi-fidelity track selections per month of tango, gypsy, flamenco plus world music recordings performed by top flute artists!

member perks -

our 2X1 FOREVER sale on Caliendo World Music Publishing’s extensive catalogue of world music for classical musicians!

standalone -

business training tips.  Audio eBooks and quick reference material from established CEOs, marketing executives and business owners.  Welcome to your personal entrepreneurship library!

video blog -

exclusive interviews.  Business adjunct faculty, flute professors, members, flute choir entrepreneurs, podcasters and more!

filler content -

monthly newsletter.  Keep up to date on new content additions. We round up the hottest community discussions! In addition, we celebrate our member’s success through our monthly member spotlight!

social forum -

access to MUSIC DEGREE REVIVAL, our FB Group. 

There, we discuss the top three issues facing musicians today:  Firstly, lack of jobs. Secondly, anxieties about the technologies learned in school and whether they will apply upon graduation. 

Work-life balance -

Last but not least, your work-life balance is important to us and how to have a sustainable life in music.

italian recipes -

Christopher paid off his student loans by creating a personal chef business in Boston! Now you can enjoy his northern Italian recipes inspired by his Bolognese mom every month!

“Well, the problem is that music majors after graduation are anxious about finding a job. Also, they feel pressured to take on advanced degrees and accumulate more debt. Ultimately, they wonder if they will ever achieve life balance”.



Coaching musicians in business skills and how to secure a high paying salary is exactly what we teach here at the 2t Academy. Moreover, we provide them with a unique business skill set not taught in academia, so to accelerate their music careers. Welcome to 2t Academy”.

The 2t Academy is born with the mission of coaching Musicians in Business Skills

Christopher Caliendo


Adjunct Faculty Executives

You bring your musical expertise, we give you the training and support.

Meet Octiv8’s extraordinary adjunct faculty of top CEOs.

Dr. Jay Klusky
Dr. Jay Klusky

Cognitive Psychologist Author

Brian Conners
Brian Conners

CEO Financial Advisor MBA

wealth management
Bill Ellermeyer
Bill Ellermeyer

CEO Ellermeyer Connect Career Mgmt - BBA

branding networking
Marylou Garcia
Marylou Garcia

Managing Partner

Mark Ernst
Mark Ernst

CEO Ernst Enterprisesr
MS, JD Law

HR – The Interview Process
Dennis Kushner
Dennis Kushner

Corp VP M&A

analyzing business trends
John Meazzo
John Meazzo

Corp CEO

Choosing right benefits